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Sex Education classes

Encompasses Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Sexual assault and rape culture, consent and other forms of violence against women.

End period Poverty Campaign

Under this programme, we work to normalise menstruation and seek to end all harmful practices and taboos surrounding menstruation. We receive and donate menstruation products to women and girls who can’t afford them. We host period parties for girls, where we help them understand their bodies and lose the shame society places on periods. We are also working on effectively lobbying for free pads for school going children and to end the taxation of menstrual products .

Literacy Programmes

We organise for free tutoring lessons for underprivileged children and women; writing classes and book clubs. We also donate reading books and stationary to orphanages and community schools.

Arts and Crafts Programme

Under this programme we help children explore their artistic side through dance, music, poetry, art, designing and crafts.

Community Care

Our main activity under Community Care is facilitating donations for menstrual pads, groceries, books and other basic amenities. 

A lot of the children we work with have experienced loss and trauma and some haven’t had the “normal” childhood experience, It is therefore our mission to help all children live a life that is normal and full of fun memories. With the help of the community, we help create fun events for children like pageants, movie screenings, Christmas parties, holiday parties and careers day.

Recreational Healing Programme

This is a group therapy program for victims of Sexual Assault. We provide a healing and secure space for victims of sexual violence who can not afford therapy and medication needed to heal from the trauma of abuse by using recreational methods such yoga, meditation, art classes, dance and creative writing. Our goal is to help victims find peace, healing and effective coping methods that help them process their trauma and guide them on how to live healthier lives. Recreational therapy activities help victims with:
– Life Satisfaction
– Mental Alertness
– Reduction in anxiety depression and tension – Reduction on medication reliance
– Better Sleep

Climate Change

Climate change is a feminist issue, it impacts communities physically and socially. With the rise in Global warming and an increase to natural disasters, climate change has exposed the large inequalities in society. Under this programme we help educate communities, schools and Organizations about the dangers of climate change. We help raise awareness and push for policy change that is effective and inclusive of all groups.


Under advocacy we organise women’s marches, protests rallies, workshops and fundraisers. We host SRHR Programs where we teach, work and collaborate with different groups of women, girls and marginalised groups to see how best we can synergize our efforts and demands for equality.