African Women’s Tales

Jan 23, 2023

Africa contributes only about 1-2% of the global knowledge production online. It’s time to change the narrative and share our stories and unique experiences through our lens. As Sistah Sistah Foundation, we believe that words have the power to change the world, and that given the opportunity, writing can be used to challenge unfair and prejudiced notions about womxn and minority groups.

The African feminist anthology is the latest undertaking of the Sistah Sistah Foundation, designed to celebrate and spotlight African womxn through imaginative storytelling. With a focus on telling African womxn and minority groups stories in our voices, we hope to develop a foundational tool that provides young African feminists a platform to share their stories and advocate for causes they support.

In addition, we want to support young feminist writers looking to launch and publish their work. We hope to create a network across the African continent that is self-sustainable, where womxn and minority groups use storytelling to inspire and bring joy. The end goal is to strengthen the network of feminist womxn writers and authors sharing their stories, and contributing their voices to feminist knowledge.

Note: All proceeds from the anthology will fund a skills training program for women living in safe houses in Zambia. The program will equip these women with skills and financial capital to build their lives and attain financial independence.

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